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    Collaboration Means Telestroke Services in Northern New England

White building at Dartmouth-Hitchcock with red leaved tree in foreground

Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Mayo Clinic Collaborate 
to Provide Telestroke Services in Northern New England

When someone has a stroke, minutes can make the difference between life and death. Studies have shown that prompt access to a vascular neurologist vastly reduces mortality or the long-term disabling effects of a stroke.

However, many hospitals, particularly in rural regions, do not have a stroke specialist or are unable to provide around-the-clock stroke coverage. Dartmouth-Hitchcock, in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, is now creating a “telestroke” program so patients in the region will have greater access to emergency stroke care and participating hospitals across New Hampshire and Vermont will have 24/7 access to specialists.

CEO and President of Dartmouth-Hitchcock James N. Weinstein, D.O., says, “Telehealth is critical to creating a sustainable health system that focuses on population health, value and payment models that reward high-quality care. New technologies are making it possible for us to deliver care in ways never before imagined – giving patients the care they need close to home.”

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