• Common foot problems / Lyme disease update / sleep issues: Mayo Clinic Radio

Your foot is an intricate network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles. Feet must be strong enough to bear your body weight, but that makes them prone to injury and pain. Foot pain can affect any part of your foot, from your toes to your Achilles tendon at the back of your heel. Common problems include bunions, plantar warts, and corns and callouses. However, more serious conditions, such as fractures, arthritis and neuropathy, also can develop in the feet.

On the next Mayo Clinic Radio program, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Norman Turner III will discuss treatment for common foot problems and ways to prevent them. Also on the program, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi Pritt will have an update on the Lyme disease predictions for 2017. And critical care physician and sleep medicine expert Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler will try to help answer this common question: Why can't I sleep?

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