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    Connecting Patients: New habits I’ve learned from COVID-19

Have you created new patterns or behaviors in your daily life, while staying home during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are there things you've changed or learned about yourself that you'd like to continue in the future? Bring your ideas to the Mayo Clinic Connect conversation:

New Habits from COVID-19 and the New Normal

Shared from a Mayo Clinic Connect Member/Mentor:

We are all looking forward to the future and going back to the former way of life that we enjoyed pre-COVID-19. But I’ve been reflecting on some of the adaptations in my behavior and attitude that I’ve been forced to make that I’d actually like to keep when the restrictions are lifted. For example:

  • I intend to continuing washing my hands more diligently and likely more frequently as I’ve been doing these past weeks.
  • I’d also like to retain the slower pace for as long as I’m able. It’s a pleasure to not be rushing around so much. When the business of life returns, I hope I can continue to insert slow into my day, at least for part of it.
  • I’m planning on appreciating the medical community more (who have made so many sacrifices during this time) rather than criticizing them for what I perceive are their inadequacies.

Is there something you have learned during this time (perhaps a new habit or attitude that you’ve adopted) that you hope to keep doing after the COVID restrictions are lifted?

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