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    Connecting Patients: Talk with people talking about transplants

medical staff person with a stethoscope pointing to the words organ donor on a window

The Transplants group on Mayo Clinic Connect is a place where people can meet and interact with living donors, people waiting for a transplant, transplant recipients and their caregivers. People are talking about heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, lung, hand, face, and blood and bone marrow transplant experiences.

"It’s a huge help to have this group to direct us through the maze. As I am reading it is encouraging to see how positive the post transplant graduates are. There is hope."- Mayo Clinic Connect member

The patient community helps those awaiting transplant, those with questions about the transplant process, and offers tips and tricks for healthy practices following an organ transplant. They discuss topics like changes after transplant beyond just the physical, what to pack while awaiting the call and post-transplant symptoms. This open forum is designed to invite questions and share stories.

"I have learned from the experience of others and I hope others have learned from me and my experiences. THANK YOU MAYO CONNECT!" – Mayo Clinic Connect member

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