• Consumer Health: Are you in a snack rut?

a woman in a kitchen looking at healthy fruit and sugary donuts and pastries, trying to decide which to eat

By midmorning, are you looking for a doughnut to go with another cup of coffee? By 3 p.m., are you grabbing chips or a candy bar to tide you over until supper? You may be in a snack rut. And these may not be your healthiest choices.

Eating between meals doesn't have to be a guilty pleasure, though, even if you're trying to lose weight. In fact, well-planned, healthy snacks can help you manage hunger and reduce bingeing at mealtime.

You can set yourself up for success by keeping foods like fresh fruit, trail mix and vegetable sticks with hummus on hand for a quick snack.

Snacking is not a bad thing as long as you're making nutritious choices and taking your daily caloric needs into consideration. Learn more about how to get out of your snack rut.

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