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    Coping Strategies For Cancer Survivors

MEDIA ALERT: Experts Discuss Emotional Coping Strategies for Survivors

There are more than 11 million cancer survivors in the United States, and during April, which is National Cancer Control Month, health care professionals are placing additional focus on prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer and on ways to improve the quality of life for these survivors.  

While the physical effects of cancer and cancer treatments are well known, cancer patients also face social and psychological concerns, including coping with feelings related to their diagnosis, adjusting to a new lifestyle and relationships, understanding the financial impact of treatment, and fear of cancer recurrence.  These concerns can contribute to disorders that include depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder — all of which can have a significant impact on health and quality of life.

These Mayo Clinic experts are available to discuss the mental health challenges faced by cancer survivors:

  • Matthew Clark, Ph.D.,L.P., is a psychologist and the principal investigator on a study examining the potential effectiveness of a multidisciplinary intervention to improve quality of life for cancer patients and their family members.
  • Jeff Sloan, Ph.D., has conducted extensive research into the relationship between lung cancer patients’ self-reported quality of life and overall survival. Using a quality-of-life assessment tool, Dr. Sloan has found a correlation between overall quality of life, reported at the time of diagnosis, and overall survival. 
  • Carrie Thompson, M.D., is a hematologist/oncologist whose research focuses on cancers such as lymphoma and on quality-of-life issues in survivors. 

Please contact Joe Dangor @ 507-284-5005 or newsbureau@mayo.edu to schedule a phone or on-camera Videolink interview with these experts.