• Discovery’s Edge: Cleaning up cancer

Discovery's Edge illustration of workers scrubbing a road and 'cleaning up' cancerImmunotherapy offers new drugs and drug delivery to help the body’s “janitor” with its job.

The response of the immune system to cancer is complicated. Understanding it requires research from the basic scientist to the observation of the seasoned clinician.

“It’s turning out the science is so complicated that it has to be a team effort to get from A to Z,” says Larry Pease, Ph.D., program director of the Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy Program at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center. “A very important concept in cancer research is the balance between the discovery element and the application element,” he says.

Large integrated research and treatment centers, such as Mayo Clinic, are especially well suited to making the discoveries needed to advance knowledge and treatments. Read the rest of the article.
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