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    Discovery’s Edge: How Mayo is Transforming Medicine

“I hope you go home at night and realize that you are changing the world.” – Dr. Alex Parker to team members on transforming medicine.

At any given time, investigators at Mayo Clinic are coming up with ideas for research studies that might improve a treatment or create a totally new therapy.

Mayo’s leadership saw that some of these approaches could be progressing faster and reach the patient’s bedside sooner if they had a little more financial help at the right point. Thus, an initiative called “Transform the Practice” was born. It means what it says, transforming the practice of medicine.

“From the discoveries in our labs to translation and testing in clinical trials to application in our practice and across the world, we are committed to accelerating research and bring new solutions to patients,” says Dr. Gregory Gores, executive dean for research at Mayo Clinic.

This means that – especially in critical areas where the need is greatest – cancer, neurologic conditions, cardiovascular diseases and organ transplantation, what a doctor does for a patient a year from now may be very different from today. Read the rest of the article.
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