• Discovery’s Edge: Road to Discovery Runs Through Clinical Research Unit

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The road to developments that change medicine is littered with seemingly great ideas. In the early stages, that road meanders like a mountain trail with many ideas falling off course and discarded. But once an innovative medical concept reaches the point of clinical research, the road turns to superhighway, running straight through a patient-study unit nestled on Mayo Clinic’s campus in Rochester, Minn.

The Clinical Research Unit (CRU), part of the Center for Clinical and Translational Science at Mayo Clinic, is the unsung waypoint through which any number of landmark patient studies have traveled en route to improving the lives of millions of people.

The Clinical Research Unit looks like a typical hospital floor, but the staff, from doctors and nurses to pharmacists and dietitians, are research personnel. And the patients are actually research volunteers participating in clinical studies. Read the rest of the article on Discovery's Edge.

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