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    Donna’s Breast Cancer Marathon Helps Fund Genomic Research

interview picture of cancer research benefactor Donna Deegan
For nine years, runners have gathered every February to participate in the 26.2 with Donna. It's a marathon to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research and care. Founder Donna Deegan is a three-time breast cancer survivor who was treated at Mayo Clinic. She wants to give back to the people and institution that cared for her. With funds raised from the marathon, Donna helped create and support a program at Mayo Clinic where experts can study breast cancer genes. The goal is to develop new and better ways to diagnose and treat breast and other cancers, tailored to each woman's needs.

Donna is particularly excited that information coming from the genetics research helped in the development of a potential new vaccine for women with a specific type of breast cancer called triple negative breast cancer. "It's been a wonderful journey to not only appreciate things in life because of everything I've been through, but to be able to go back and give back to an organization that saved my life. It's wonderful."

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