• Dr. Greg Poland of Mayo Clinic discusses H1N1 Updates and Mayo Clinic Proceedings Review on H1N1

In Part 1 of his interview with Mayo Clinic Proceedings (review article to be published ahead of print in early December 2009; final publication in January 2010 issue), Dr. Greg Poland, Professor of Medicine and Infectious Diseases at Mayo Clinic and Director of the Mayo Vaccine Research Group, discusses the continued importance of being vaccinated given the prospect of future waves of H1N1 Infection. He also identifies the groups most at risk, discusses the effectiveness, safety, and availability of the vaccine, and weighs the benefits and risks of receiving the vaccine vs becoming infected with the virus.

In Part 2 of his interview, Dr. Greg Poland addresses primarily a health care professional audience and discusses the likelihood that the H1N1 will become part of the seasonal vaccine next year, when to provide/seek treatment with antiviral agents, the usefulness of antiviral treatment even after the ideal 48-hour window has passed, the speed of progression of the disease, and the importance for health care workers to be vaccinated.

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