• Drug Combo Slows Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

The combination of two drugs can slow down the advancement of pancreatic cancer.  Mayo Clinic researchers say the novel drug TH-302 with the standard drug gemcitabine has shown early signs of delaying the worsening of advanced pancreatic cancer in patients.  

According to the results of a multicenter Phase II clinical trial, patients receiving the combination of gemcitabine and TH-302 demonstrated a progression-free survival of 5.6 months compared to 3.6 months in those patients who received gemcitabine alone. The two-month delay in worsening of the cancer is considered significant given that the average survival of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer is only six to seven months.

Lead researcher Mitesh Borad, M.D., is presenting the results today at the American Association of Cancer Researchers  (AACR) annual meeting in Chicago.

Soundbites from Dr. Borad are availiable in the downloads above.

Expert Title:  Dr. Mitesh Borad, Mayo Clinic Oncologist

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