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    Eclipse and Mayo Clinic create Nucleus RadioPharma to better serve cancer patients


Nucleus RadioPharma is developing technologies to usher in a new era in radiopharmaceutical development, supply chain and manufacturing

ROCHESTER, Minn., and PALO ALTO, Calif. — Eclipse, a venture capital firm investing in the digital transformation of the world's physical industries, and Mayo Clinic today announced the creation and seed funding of Nucleus RadioPharma, a new company built to ensure cancer patients can access potentially lifesaving radiopharmaceuticals by developing technologies to modernize the clinical development, manufacturing and supply chain of these promising new therapies.

Charles S. Conroy, one of the world's top experts in radiopharmaceuticals, is heading the effort as CEO. He most recently served as the CEO of ARTMS Inc., a leading provider of technologies for radiopharmaceutical production. The founding board of directors is comprised of Manu Nair, chair of Corporate Development at Mayo Clinic; Justin Butler, partner at Eclipse; Mary Kate Wold, CEO and president of the Church Pension Group and a former senior executive at Wyeth; Ned Sharpless, M.D., former director of the National Cancer Institute and former acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration; and Mike Rossi, former head of radioligand therapy and imaging at Novartis.

"Radiopharmaceuticals are proving to be highly effective treatment tools across a variety of cancer types, but the inefficiencies across the development, manufacturing and supply chain have inhibited their widespread utilization. As the field of theranostics evolves, it will be imperative that we can develop and deliver these life-changing agents effectively to all patients who may benefit from their use," Conroy says.

Eclipse and Mayo Clinic collaborated to build Nucleus RadioPharma, beginning with $6 million in seed funding, to bring these treatments to the market at a cost, scale and efficacy that will impact millions of lives. The organization draws on Eclipse's experience creating companies with advanced manufacturing technologies, as well as the deep oncology expertise of Mayo Clinic, one of the largest nuclear medicine practices in the world.

"Mayo Clinic is on a mission to transform our cancer care practice by integrating research with clinical care to ensure that every patient we serve, across the U.S. and the world, has access to state-of-the-art cancer clinical trials and the newest treatments. We believe that radiopharmaceuticals are highly innovative new therapies with tremendous potential to help cancer patients," says Cheryl Willman, M.D., executive director of Mayo Clinic Cancer Programs. "The collaboration with Nucleus RadioPharma will provide enhanced manufacturing capabilities so Mayo Clinic can rapidly deliver radiopharmaceuticals, empowering us to better serve our patients today, and enabling the development and clinical testing of novel targeted radiotherapies in the future."

Radiopharmaceuticals are poised to become a core modality of cancer diagnosis, staging and treatment, but their success has been broadly hampered by manufacturing and supply chain issues. The treatments are expensive and have short-lived radioactivity, which means they must be produced daily, often in small batches, and sometimes even individually for each patient. However, after a patient is approved to receive a radiotherapy, current supply chain limitations mean that some patients must wait more than a month for the treatment to be manufactured and delivered to the hospital.

"New therapeutic modalities, such as radiopharmaceuticals, require new infrastructure to unlock their full potential," says Butler. "Together with Mayo Clinic, we are leveraging our combined expertise in clinical development, manufacturing and supply chain to evolve and enhance the radiopharmaceutical industry, allowing drug developers to access larger markets more quickly."

"We are building Nucleus RadioPharma to be the glue that connects hospitals with radiopharmaceutical developers, providing new hope for our cancer patients," says Geoff Johnson, M.D., Ph.D., chair of Nuclear Medicine at Mayo Clinic. "We are particularly excited to fast-track the next generation of therapies, which promise to be far more powerful and precise at killing cancer, but are even more challenging to produce and integrate into trials and clinical practice."


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