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    Employees Encouraged by Professional Development Benefit

Have you ever thought about going back to school, but put it off for financial reasons? Mayo Clinic offers employees assistance for professional development. The program is offered as a benefit for Mayo Clinic employees and reimburses education expenses related to a degree or certification that supports career development at Mayo Clinic.

Three colleagues share their thoughts and experiences about how the program has helped them.

In your journey to further your education, what has the overall experience been like?
Vicky Hilke, Minnesota campus: "My experience has been rewarding but difficult. I have had to re-evaluate my thinking and approach toward school since recently becoming a single mom. I now look at furthering my education as a personal goal instead of putting pressure on myself to finish in an unrealistic timeframe."

Anne Martin, Florida campus: "With a 37-year gap between high school graduation and starting college, I was a bit anxious when I signed up for classes. Going to school year round and working full-time to complete the four-year Bachelor in Science degree in three years was a challenge. Family, friends and co-workers supported me throughout this endeavor."

Did the Mayo benefit influence your decision to go back to school?
Robert McGriff, Arizona campus: "This benefit was a big influence in my decision, but it was also great working for a company that placed an emphasis on my education and supported me in other ways during the process. Sometimes I have needed to flex my work schedule for school or take time off to work on a project, and I have never encountered a problem."

Vicky Hilke, Minnesota campus: "Absolutely! Without the reimbursement program, my choice would have been to take out a loan or not go at all. The program allowed me work on me degree without worrying about another added expenditure of a school loan."

Would you recommend this benefit opportunity to your fellow colleagues?
Anne Martin, Florida campus: "Tuition assistance provides an opportunity to further your education and to move forward in your career. For me, the time and hard work have paid off by allowing me to move forward into increasingly responsible positions while providing the best service within each role."

Robert McGriff, Arizona campus: "I tell my colleagues all the time that they should take advantage of the benefit. Furthering your education is good for you, which is good for Mayo Clinic and good for the patients and families that we serve."

If you are interested in employment opportunities at Mayo Clinic, visit our website at www.mayoclinic.org.

Written by Kim Richard, Public Affairs Intern

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