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    Exercise and Computer Use Can Decrease Chances Of Memory Loss

Your computer has a lot of 'memory' and using the computer, plus exercising, could help you keep your memory. In the May issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings researchers say that combining mentally stimulating activities, like computer use, with moderate exercise can actually decrease your odds of having memory loss. The study examined exercise, computer use and the relationship to neurological risks such as mild cognitive impairment.

Mayo Clinic Neuropsychiatrist and study author, Yonas E. Geda, M.D., MSc, says, "as frequent computer use has becoming increasingly common among all age groups, it is important to examine how it relates to aging and dementia. This adds to the discussion.”

Expert title for broadcast cg: Dr. Yonas Geda, Mayo Clinic Neuropsychiatrist

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 You think your computer has a lot of memory … if you keep using your computer you may, too.

Combining mentally stimulating activities, such as using a computer, with moderate exercise decreases your odds of having memory loss more than computer use or exercise alone, a Mayo Clinic study shows. Previous studies have shown that exercising your body and your mind will help your memory but the new study, published in the May 2012 issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings, reports a synergistic interaction between computer activities and moderate exercise in “protecting” the brain function in people better than 70 years old.