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    Featured Comment: Week of 1/25/09

Daniel Rothamel of Charlottesville, Va. tells his story of coming to Mayo Clinic for treatment of chronic ulcerative colitis. Here's an excerpt:

Once my wife and I made the decision to explore the possibility of a colectomy, we decided that we should research having it done at the Mayo Clinic. From the moment that I sent the very first contact email to Mayo, everyone with whom I have come in contact has been nothing less than wonderful, genuine, kind and knowledgeable.

My wife and I first visited the doctors of Mayo in January of 2006. Arriving in Rochester in January wasn’t the best decision we’ve ever made, but going to Mayo was certainly one of the best. It became very clear from the moment we arrived that Mayo is not your average hospital, and these are not your average health care professionals. Everyone from receptionists to surgeons were absolutely wonderful. Never once did we feel ignored or unimportant.

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