• Feet

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Norm Turner joined us to discuss the foot.  We discussed all sorts of conditions that can go wrong with the foot and talked about how to choose properly fitted shoes.

Listen in to find out if flip-flops are harmful to our feet.  (Hint: I need to go shopping for new summer footwear!)

Medical edge Radio Full Show - 9/29/12 - 44min mp3

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Dr. Larry Bergstrom ~ The Integrative Medicine Approach to Diabetes

To view the YouTube livestream chat featuring Dr. Larry Bergstrom, click here for the Mayo YouTube channel.  You'll find lots of different topics covered on the Mayo Clinic YouTube channel.  Dr. Bergstrom's chat will be broadcast live on October 6th from 12-2pm EST, however it will be available to watch afterwards as well.

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