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    Fertility and Conception/Osteomyelitis/Melanoma: Mayo Clinic Radio

Fertility ... the ability to make a baby ... is affected by a host of factors. From diet and stress ... to age and genetics ... they all play a role in success or failure when trying to conceive. On this week's program, Dr. Jani Jensen, a specialist in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, discusses her new book, Mayo Clinic Guide to Fertility and Conception. Also on the program, cases of osteomyelitis ... an infection of the bone ... are on the rise, especially among older adults. We find out what's behind this increase from orthopedic surgeon Dr. Paul Huddleston. And dermatologist Dr. Jerry Brewer has insights into the disturbing upward trend in cases of melanoma.

Here's the podcast: MayoClinicRadioPODCAST 06-20-15