• By Dana Sparks

Replacing Liters of Laxative; Four Pills Before a Virtual Colonoscopy

August 22, 2012

One thing that seems to keep people from scheduling a colorectal cancer screening is the task of drinking liters of laxative the night before. Well, there's a new protocol for patients at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. Before their virtual colonoscopy they simply take four tablets of the cleansing agent bisacodyl.  C. Daniel Johnson, M.D., Mayo Clinic radiologist and Chair of the Department of Radiology in Arizona, says,"Our hope is this will make people less anxious and more likely to to get screened which will ultimately result in fewer deaths from colorectal cancer."

B-roll and sound bites with Dr. Johnson are available in the downloads above.

Expert title for broaddcast cg: Dr. Daniel Johnson, Mayo Clinic Radiologist 

Read entire news release: Four Pills - Colonoscopy 



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