• By Susana Shephard

Future of Health Care Update

June 6, 2014

FOHC BannerApple Mayo appApple Unveils Healthkit and Highlights Mayo Clinic App At the WorldWide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2014 keynote address, Apple unveiled HealthKit, a digital repository for various types of health- and fitness-related data. Apple will also collaborate with Mayo Clinic through a new Mayo app under development that would offer users a more personalized experience and make their health data more actionable in supporting healthier lifestyles.

Mayo Clinic Explores Google Glass The future of health care at Mayo Clinic welcomes Google's new wearable mobile technology, Google Glass — a miniature electronic device incorporated in glasses — that allows users to interact with the internet without using their hands. Approximately 10,000 people have Glass, early adapters who participate in Google's Explorer program. At Mayo Clinic, several physicians and administrators are testing Google Glass across different specialties and departments. 

Virotherapy Shows Promise Against Multiple Myeloma Recently, Mayo Clinic researchers delivered on a promising new treatment, virotherapy, in the battle against the deadly cancer, multiple myeloma. The MV-NIS therapy is being manufactured for a larger, phase 2 clinical trial. The researchers also want to test the effectiveness of the virotherapy in combination with radioactive therapy (iodine-131) in a future study.

I am for family fitness, but Mayo's policies are counter productive to families working out together. My wife and I can sign up to the DAHLC, but our children cannot. And I could cancel DAHLC, but there is no similar benefit for say the RAC or the YMCA where we might get a monthly fee break on health/wellness. If my wife and I could use the same incentive program (reduction for 5x, 10x per month) or have an insurance benefit like BCBS does at an external site we could exercise with the whole family and receive a discount for completing the incentives.


I agree with Matthew's comment!


I too, am for family fitness! Unfortunately, the whole work/life balance thing gets in the way. I wish Mayo would get with the times and be more flexible with our work shifts. My shift is Mon-Fri 8-5 and not very flexible. I am a medical practice secretary. Working 4-10's would be awesome. And more incentive to get out there & be active. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful to have a job! Asking for a little flexibilty is not asking too much! I have tried going to supervisor's, but they don't take you seriously. I have been a loyal employee for almost 12 years!


I agree with Matthews comment as well!!


There is an insurance premium discount benefit for being active. By participating in the LiveWell Rewards Program, you can earn points for exercising; participating in community bike, run or walk events; taking group exercise classes; strength training on a regular basis; trying new exercises/activities with your family; and, taking family walks. Earning points and logging them on the LiveWell portal can earn monthly health insurance premium discounts.

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