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Individualized Medicine ClinicSex-Specific Research in the Future of Health Care

Read more about Virginia Miller, Ph.D., director of Mayo Clinic’s Specialized Center of Research on Sex Differences, who has spent her career advocating for the importance of conducting research that is sex-specific. That means that research studies include both men and women, and that the results are analyzed separately by sex.

Implications of Patient Genomic Sequencing

At Mayo Clinic, the future of health care promises individual-driven innovation with patient care designed for your whole body. One way that we're fueling this innovation is through the Center for Individualized Medicine (IM Clinic) which offers genomic testing to patients in order to further personalize care.

Collaborative Teams Building the Future of Health Care

From concept design to custom fabrication, from embedded microprocessors to engraving, the engineering department at Mayo Clinic continues to work with medical professionals to ensure that miracles will continue in the future of health care.