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    An All-Star solution: Getting Jake back in the game!

Texas Rangers pitcher Jake Diekman is very excited about Major League Baseball's All-Star game. After the mid-season break, Diekman thinks he'll be well enough to get back on the mound. He's picked an all-star team of his own at Mayo Clinic to help him conquer the inflammatory bowel disease that has plagued him since childhood.

"Given the fact that it is exclusively a disease of the colon or rectum, that allows us to take the organ out and treat it surgically," says Dr. Robert Cima, a Mayo Clinic surgeon. Over a span of about six months, Dr. Cima performed three surgical procedures that reconfigured Diekman's intestinal tract. "The vast majority of patients are very happy with the functional outcome and very happy with their quality of life."

Dennis Douda reports.

Watch: Getting Jake back in the game!

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