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    Global spotlight on Mayo Clinic’s regenerative biotherapeutics

Mayo Clinic will showcase its work in discovering, manufacturing and delivering next-generation biotherapeutics with an international audience interested in advancing lifesaving cell and gene therapies. Mayo Clinic's Center for Regenerative Medicine is sponsoring a roundtable discussion, "Mayo Clinic: Building the Ecosystem in Regenerative Biotherapeutics," at the International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy's ISCT 2022 conference in San Francisco.

Leaders in regenerative medicine, clinical trials, gene therapy and business development at Mayo Clinic will share their knowledge with key stakeholders who could advance regenerative biotherapeutics. The conference typically attracts preclinical and clinical researchers, along with people in industry and academia.

Julie Allickson, Ph.D.,

"Mayo Clinic has one of the largest — if not the largest — portfolios in regenerative medicine clinical trials across the enterprise. We will be sharing lessons of how Mayo Clinic builds regenerative biotherapeutics," says Julie Allickson, Ph.D., the Michael S. and Mary Sue Shannon Family Director of Mayo Clinic's Center for Regenerative Medicine. "We want participants to understand what we are building in terms of biomanufacturing and creating a business accelerator to commercialize our innovations that allows the therapies to get to patients around the world." Dr. Allickson is the Otto Bremer Trust Director, Biomanufacturing and Product Development, for the Center for Regenerative Medicine.

Dr. Allickson will moderate the roundtable discussion that will include these panelists from Mayo Clinic:

The International Society for Cell & Gene Therapy is a forum to advance validated research toward clinical adoption and standard of care to improve the lives of patients. It brings together thousands of people from around the globe to address three key areas: academia, the regulatory environment and commercialization.

The opportunity to share Mayo Clinic's work comes at an important time as the Center for Regenerative Medicine embarks on a new strategic direction in biomanufacturing. The new focus on manufacturing biologics, such as cells, genes and cellular therapies, offers hope of developing a new class of medicines for rare and complex conditions with no therapeutic options. The presentation at ISCT 2022 is a chance to raise awareness of Mayo's capabilities among biotechnology firms and build important industry collaborations.

"Collaboration is key to moving our work forward. Mayo Clinic has seven different technology domains in biomanufacturing, which is unmatched in our field in one entity," says Dr. Allickson. "It's challenging to have such a wide range of expertise all in one institution. Collaboration becomes very important in execution."

Several hurdles stand between cutting-edge cell and gene technologies and the patients who need them. The roundtable also will examine ways to overcome roadblocks such as scaling up cellular technology, dealing with supply chain issues and navigating the regulatory environment.

The Mayo Clinic presentation will be held at 8 a.m. Pacific time on May 4.