• Have fun but be safe in the sun

fun in the sun cartoon, melanoma, skin cancer, moleMany teenagers, and sometimes their parents, think melanoma won't happen to people under 20. So skin cancer cases in young people aren't detected as early as health care providers would like.

To get the message out to kids of all ages about the importance of skin cancer prevention, Mayo Clinic created a cartoon-style public service announcement in 2013, "Have Fun in the Sun, But Be Sun Smart." In the announcement, two moles enjoy a sunny day at the beach. One is protected from the sun. The other isn't. He gets a sunburn that ruins his day and develops a skin mole that sends him to his health care provider. The health care provider explains the danger of skin cancer and the importance of sun smarts: using sunscreen, skipping tanning beds, seeking shade and getting spots checked.

Watch: Have fun in the sun, but be sun smart.

Journalists: Two broadcast-quality versions of the announcement (0:28 and 0:58) are in the downloads. 

The song "Sunburn Goofin' All Day" is used with permission of Meeko/Big Electric Music.

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