• Health for the Long Haul

This is something they don't teach in medical school. This Friday, June 7, doctors and other health professionals will get up close and personal with an 18-wheeler as part of a continuing education course.

WHAT: Continuing Medical Education Course for health professionals who perform physicals for truck drivers. As part of the training the health professionals will get an overview on how semi-trucks work on a real semi parked at the Kierland Resort.

WHERE: Kierland Resort parking lot, South Terrace lot, 6902 E Greenway Pkwy, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

WHEN: Friday, June 7 at 10 a.m.

WHY: The course will give medical professionals an idea of the physical demands associated with operating a large commercial vehicle with a semi-trailer. Mayo Clinic offers this in-person training for health care professionals who perform physical examinations for Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers.

Contact: Julie Janovsky-Mason, 480-301-4222

On site contact: Gloria Cadden, 480-221-9714 and Barb LeSuer, 480-388-1022

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