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    Knockout Calories in Your Holiday Eggnog

holiday eggnog drink

Are you looking for a way to trim extra calories off your cup of eggnog this holiday season? If not, perhaps you should consider the change. On average, a cup of eggnog will cost you anywhere from 280 to about 400 calories. Romi Londre, registered dietitian at Mayo Clinic Health System, shares ways to control holiday drink calories.

When making your own eggnog recipe, cut the amount of sugar you would normally use in half. Instead, you can enhance the sweetness of your drink by adding a touch of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla or citrus. The strong flavor of these ingredients means that you don’t need to add as much of it to get the taste you desire.

If you are really looking to cut out some calories, consider purchasing soy nog or rice nog. These alternatives to regular eggnog contain less fat and nearly half the calories of regular store-bought eggnog.

Vanilla chai tea is also a great holiday alternative for those with non-dairy diets. As with most unsweetened black teas, chai tea by itself will have no fat or cholesterol and is a calorie-free drink. A chai tea latte made with chai spices, black tea and skim, soy, or almond milk is a lighter option if you want something creamy.

Remember to use pasteurized eggs in your eggnog recipes to prevent the risk of salmonella. There are always risks involved when consuming raw or partially cooked eggs. Pregnant women should not consume eggnog since they are at increased risk of bacterial food poisoning, which is more likely to occur in raw foods.

“It’s important to practice moderation during the holidays. Allow yourself some treats, but make sure you’re including fruits, vegetables and lean protein with your meals. You’ll be less likely to overdo it on higher calorie foods,” says Londre. “Limit treats to one to two per day, and try to balance out your days by eating lighter meals after you’ve overindulged at a party.”