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    Heart Valve Replacement Surgery

Mike JohnsonI went to Mayo Clinic for heart valve replacement surgery on October 13th, was released on the 18th, and can only say excellent things about the:

  • Surgeon Dr. Hartzell Schaff and his staff. The surgery and recovery went smoothly, I believe, due to Dr. Schaff's experience and expertise in the type of valve replacement surgery that I received. I trust his skill and capability, and would highly recommend him to those that need the surgery I received.
  • The systems and processes in place to support the high volume of surgeries performed at Mayo. I was amazed at the number of individuals checking in the morning of my surgery, the well organized method for checking us in, getting us prepped for the activities of the day, tracking our activities during recovery and preparation for release.
  • The nursing staff - they are nothing short of outstanding. While a surgeon experienced in the surgery to be performed is an absolute requirement, excellent care during recovery is as equally critical. You have that at Mayo. Cudos to the team who selects and trains this outstanding group. I was blessed to have a number of excellent nurses on floor/wing 5C. Amy, Barb, Peggy, Tyler and Sierra shepharded me, and my family, through to recovery. My family and I truly appreciate all their help and support during my time at Mayo. A special recognition to Amy: she covered me from 7am to 7pm the first three days after surgery - my wife, children and I all trusted and relied on the help and support she provided during that critical time.

I highly recommend Mayo to anyone who needs heart valve replacement surgery. I know that there are excellent heart specialists in MN, and the Midwest - few have the skill/capability/staff that Mayo provides for your care!

Written by: Mike Johnson

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