• Cancer Patient Stories

    Helping Cancer Patients at Mayo Clinic Arizona

By Celeste “C.C.” Chervenka
My name is Celeste “C.C.” Chervenka and I am the American Cancer chervenka_celeste_m_6332_2x2Society Patient Navigator who supports Mayo Clinic Arizona patients who have cancer and their families. Through this partnership between the American Cancer Society and Mayo, I work one on one with cancer patients and their family members to provide information on American Cancer Society programs, wigs, prosthesis, local resources and answers to questions. All services offered through this site are provided at no charge.
Often times patients who have cancer become lost, as a result of their diagnosis and sometimes do not know where to turn. With programs onsite at the Mayo Clinic and resources readily available, patients have the opportunity to receive direct services by the direction of their healthcare provider.

I also work to provide the same services to patients who have cancer out of the Mayo Hospital. With the support of many dedicated volunteers, all patients can receive American Cancer Society services and support, free of charge.

The American Cancer Society welcomes all Mayo Clinic staff and patients to visit the Patient Navigation sites – at Mayo Clinic, located in the Patient Library on the concourse level near the gift shop and at the Mayo Hospital volunteer site located at the Mayo Clinic Specialty Building on the concourse level in the radiation/oncology area.

For more information about Patient Navigation at Mayo Clinic, please call me at 480-301-5990 or e-mail Chervenka.Celeste@mayo.edu.

Celeste Chervenka is an American Cancer Society Patient Navigator, based at Mayo Clinic Arizona.