• By Dana Sparks

Helping Others Heal: A measure of control during chemotherapy

May 9, 2018

breast cancer patient Dawn Lenhardt smiling and holding her young son, sitting in a living room chairIn April 2014, Dawn felt great. She worked out daily and had abundant energy to match that of her precocious 3-year-old son, Cole. Life was good. Except …

Dawn had soreness in her chest — a torn muscle from boxing and lifting weights perhaps, but nothing too concerning in her mind until she visited her primary care provider, Michael Bryan, M.D., of Mayo Clinic.

When he saw the lump in her breast, he immediately ordered a mammogram. "I was scared for me and my family," Dawn confesses.

The mammogram confirmed those fears: Dawn had breast cancerRead the rest of Dawn's story.

breast cancer patient Dawn Lenhardt smiling with her family and reading a children's book