• Cancer

    Helping Others Heal: A passion for practicing medical oncology to help patients

As an oncologist, Dr. Evanthia Galanis, sees the anguish cancer can bring to families, including her own. Her philosophy in her lab and practice is simple — patients need answers quicker. Dr. Galanis brings this perspective from her research and clinical experience to her new role as Mayo Clinic’s executive dean for Development, where she’s seen the impact visionary philanthropy can have when joined with Mayo Clinic’s patient-centered values.

“I did not structure my career with any particular opportunity or position in mind,” she says. “Each step of the way was more about how I could make the greatest impact in the lives of our patients by combining the best science with the best delivery of medicine, and bridging the two.”

Dr. Galanis talks with a sense of urgency for advancing new treatments fast. This urgency is inspired by both her work with patients with cancer and the cancer journeys of family members.

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