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    Helping Others Heal: A series of fortunate events

“I call Ulisse a miracle baby,” says Dr. Rodrigo Ruano, an obstetrician and fetal surgeon at Mayo Clinic. “That’s the best definition.”

A decade after her first two children — Uberto and Stella — were born, she and Ugo were excited and surprised when Sara discovered she was pregnant again. Up to that point in her pregnancy, things had been pretty normal, and she and Ugo had been planning a trip to Paris. They were to depart the day after her checkup when their lives were thrown into tumult.

“Friday, I had zero hope and zero focus,” Sara says. “Ugo’s very methodical. In a crisis like that, he starts to research and ask questions.”

She and Ugo tried to decide what to do next while still taking their older children to their weekend activities.

Ugo first called a friend at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine to discuss the situation and its urgency. Then, the Colombos decided to turn to Mayo Clinic.

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