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    Helping Others Heal: A time of transformation

Dr. Kayla Nixon launches her career built on Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine foundation.

Dr. Kayla Nixon in scrubs and a white jacket smiling in a patient hospital room

Dr. Kayla Nixon prepares for the day ahead well before dawn. She is in the operating room, and the third-year resident will be assisting in gynecologic surgeries. She previously reviewed all the files and is recounting each patient in her head. At 8 a.m., Dr. Nixon meets with the other OB-GYN residents for the surgical briefing, where they discuss preliminary surgical plans and meet individually with the consulting physician.

"Gynecologic surgery is very hard technique wise but also so rewarding because the patients are really struggling, and I can help," she says.

OB-GYN is a medical specialty that requires a variety of practices of caring for women through every phase of their lives, such as regular checkups, overseeing pregnancy, delivering babies, menopause management, and gynecologic and oncologic surgery. The specialty often involves lengthy days and an unpredictable schedule. Read the rest of Dr. Nixon's story.