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    Helping Others Heal: A unique approach to residential treatment

After going through challenging experiences with his son's care, Sylvan Herman teamed up with Mayo Clinic to provide a different approach to residential treatment facilities for those battling mental illness.

The Sylvan C. Herman Foundation and Mayo Clinic have worked together to establish the John E. Herman Home and Treatment Facility in Rochester, Minnesota, named for one of Sylvan's sons. This adult residential treatment facility houses people with serious mental illnesses who are attempting to move back into their communities after more-intensive care.

Most importantly, the John E. Herman Home follows a unique approach to residential treatment that Sylvan has shown to be successful in residential treatment facilities he established in Maryland, called ClearView Communities. The focus of ClearView Communities is to connect patients with competitive employment, education and volunteer opportunities as they return to health. The facility pairs the strengths of each organization to build something truly unique — with ClearView's concept for job-oriented care and Mayo Clinic's world-class health resources and academic research experience, there truly is no place like it anywhere else.

Belief in a Different Approach

"A job-oriented program creates confidence and self-esteem and puts the patient in a position where he is finally doing something on his own and making a difference in his life," Sylvan says.

Sylvan's belief in this approach is so strong that he made a visionary philanthropic gift through the Sylvan C. Herman Foundation to establish the new residential treatment facility in Rochester. Mayo Clinic recognizes the Sylvan C. Herman Foundation as a Philanthropic Partner.

Sylvan's involvement in mental health care was inspired by one of his sons, John, who lived with a serious mental illness. Sylvan was desperate to help his son, but he felt powerless as he saw John go down a path that many people with mental illnesses have followed. John experienced a mental health crisis; he was treated in an intensive setting; he moved to a residential care setting for rehabilitation; and finally, he returned to his parents' home.

Then, the cycle would repeat. Read the rest of the story.