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    Helping Others Heal: AI system helps identify treatments for those diagnosed with depression

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When searching for an exact diagnosis through a myriad of complex and serious factors spread across millions of data points, it helps to have a powerful magnifying glass — and another expert point of view.

Enter Arjun P. Athreya, Ph.D., an engineer by trade who has a knack for bringing together data science algorithms and computing technology to predict events relating to potential disasters lurking within mission-critical cybersecurity infrastructure.

Dr. Athreya is the inaugural doctoral graduate of the Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois Alliance for Technology-Based Healthcare Fellowship program. Now, as a new Mayo Clinic faculty and staff member within Molecular Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, the electrical and computer engineer has his sights set on health care.

Dr. Athreya developed a system for Mayo Clinic that uses artificial intelligence approaches ranging from machine learning to probabilistic graphs to better indicate treatment prognoses in people diagnosed with depression — the leading cause of medical disability worldwide. The system works by identifying patterns within patient history and other relevant data to predict which treatment option is best for the patient’s condition.

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