• By Dana Sparks

Helping Others Heal: Hoping her story will lift others struggling with eating disorders

October 31, 2018

eat disorders patient Victoria Magnus sitting on a living room floor, smiling For over 10 years, Victoria Magnus of Chicago has struggled to overcome an eating disorder that ravaged her health and well-being. A visit to Mayo Clinic last year at a moment of crisis, which she calls her rock bottom, set her on a new path in life. By sharing her story in her own words, Victoria hopes to help others while increasing awareness about eating disorders and the severe and lasting consequences they can have.

This is my journey of struggle, perseverance and hope. I'm sharing my story because I firmly believe there is a bigger purpose to everything I have gone through. For others who are going through similar experiences, I want them to know they are not alone.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I started thinking I had to look a certain way and if I was thinner, more people would like me. I changed my eating habits slowly at first, skipping meals and telling people I had eaten when I really hadn't. Eventually, the cravings became too much and I was driven to binge eatStress aggravated my eating disorder, and to appear even thinner I began to suck in my stomach, so much so that I became a chest breather. Read the rest of Victoria's story.