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    Helping Others Heal: Impacting generations of cancer patients

There are many accolades to describe the importance of the 5th District Eagles Cancer Telethon. For starters, it’s the longest locally run telethon in the United States, dating back to 1954.

The Rochester, Minnesota, nonprofit also has the distinction of the longest record of continuous philanthropy for a Philanthropic Partner at Mayo Clinic.

But most importantly, it’s impacted generations of patients with cancer by contributing millions toward research at Mayo Clinic and other local institutions, thanks to the dedication of volunteers, community organizations and KTTC-TV.

“As long as we have the support of KTTC-TV and all the volunteers, we’ll keep doing this,” says Teresa Chapman, Eagles Cancer Telethon executive director.

Each year, about a dozen researchers are selected by Mayo Clinic Cancer Center to receive awards from the Eagles Cancer Telethon research fund. Their projects run the gamut of cancer research — from new discoveries and understanding to the transformation of patient care.

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