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    Housecall: Carbohydrates and your healthy diet

a variety of high-carbohydrate foods in bowls and on wooden surfaces, including fruits, vegetables and grainsTHIS WEEK'S TOP STORIES
Carbohydrates: Making smart choices
Your body needs carbohydrates to function well, but some types may be better for you than others. Learn how to make smart choices when it comes to carbohydrates.

Headaches: Reduce stress to prevent the pain
Stress is the most common cause of tension-type headaches and can trigger other types of headaches or make them worse. You can't avoid daily stress, but here are some tips to keep stress under control, which can help prevent headaches.

Exercise and illness: Working out with a cold
Depending on your symptoms, exercising when you have a cold may help you feel better by opening your nasal passages and temporarily relieving nasal congestion. Learn when it's OK to work out and when to slow down or take a break from your exercise routine.

Can vitamins help prevent a heart attack?
There's mixed evidence on whether taking vitamins can reduce the risk of heart disease or a heart attack. Here's what you should know.

Nasal congestion: When to see a doctor
Gluten sensitivity and psoriasis: What's the connection?
Video: Advance directives awareness
Testosterone therapy: Potential benefits and risks as you age

Baby beet and orange salad
Seasoned baked cod
Warm chocolate pudding
Zesty tomato soup

Have cold sores? Keep them to yourself
If you have cold sores, do your part to avoid spreading them to others:

  1. Avoid skin-to-skin contact. This includes kissing.
  2. Don't share utensils, towels, lip balm or other personal items.
  3. Wash your hands before touching your eyes or genital area.
  4. Wash your hands before touching another person.

Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover more healthy lifestyle topics at mayoclinic.org.

Going the distance: Don't get squeezed by the tech crunch
How can you make technology work for you and not against you? Try these smart tactics.

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