• By Laurel Kelly

Housecall: What is male menopause?

June 5, 2017

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Male menopause: Myth or reality?
Hormone changes are a natural part of aging, but the experience is different for men and women. Unlike the more dramatic plunge that occurs in women during menopause, sex hormone changes in men occur gradually. This is sometimes called male menopause. Learn about the signs and symptoms men can expect and the treatment options available.

Video collection: Desk stretches
If you sit at a desk or computer for long periods of time, your muscles may feel stiff and sore. Simple stretches and other physical activity can break up your day and keep you comfortable. Watch these videos to understand proper form and technique for desk stretches.

Is it safe to drink alcohol in moderation after being cured of hepatitis C?
While it's impossible to say whether drinking alcohol is safe after being cured of hepatitis C, as a general rule, anyone concerned about liver health should avoid alcohol. Find out why this may be especially concerning if hepatitis C has been present in the past.

How accurate are the blood pressure machines in grocery stores and drugstores?
Public blood pressure machines may provide helpful information about your blood pressure, but they may have some limitations. Find out why the accuracy of these machines might be questionable and whether a home monitoring machine or more regular blood pressure measurement by your health care provider might be right for you.

Insect bites and stings: First aid
Cultivating contentment
Hearing aid styles
Mental health: What's normal, what's not

Strawberries and cream
Quinoa salad
Spicy beef kebabs
Caesar salad with grilled chicken

Is there more to hydration than water?
Water is a great choice for staying hydrated. Water is calorie-free, inexpensive and readily available. But water isn't your only option. Remember that food also contributes to your daily fluid needs. Many fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and tomatoes, are 90 percent or more water by weight. Beverages such as milk and juice also are composed mostly of water. In moderation, even beer, wine and caffeinated beverages can contribute to your daily fluid needs.

Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover more healthy lifestyle topics at mayoclinic.org.

Living with diabetes: Tips for watching calories when eating out

Did you know that many restaurants serve meals that exceed the recommended calorie limit? This may make eating out a challenge for many people. Try these suggestions the next time you dine out.

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