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Pilates for beginners
Pilates may sound intimidating, but it's an accessible way to build strength in your core muscles for better posture, balance and flexibility. Pilates can be adapted to provide a gentle strength training and stability program, or it can be modified to give a seasoned athlete a challenging workout. Learn more about Pilates and whether it might be right for you.

Cholesterol-improving supplements may be helpful
Even with healthy diet and exercise changes, your cholesterol numbers may not be where you want them to be. Although few natural products have been proved to improve cholesterol levels, some may help. With your health care provider's OK, consider these cholesterol-improving supplements and products.

Are weighted hula hoops just an exercise gimmick?
Hula-hooping can help you meet your exercise goals and provide an aerobic workout. Weighted hula hoops are bigger and heavier than traditional hula hoops. The bigger and heavier the hoop, the easier it is to keep going, which means you may be able to do it longer. Learn more from Dr. Edward Laskowski, co-director of the Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Center.

Can vitamin D prevent Alzheimer's and dementia?
New research suggests people with very low levels of vitamin D in their blood, known as vitamin D deficiency, are more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. More studies are needed, though, to determine if vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease and dementia, and if treatment with vitamin D supplements or sun exposure can prevent or treat these conditions. Learn more from Dr. David Knopman, a Mayo Clinic neurologist.

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Symptoms and causes of sleepwalking

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Sautéed fresh corn
Grilled flank steak salad with roasted corn vinaigrette
Fettuccine with clams, basil, tomato, corn and garlic

Are you a step ahead of athlete's foot?
The fungus that causes athlete's foot thrives in a warm and wet environment. To stay a step ahead of it, follow these tips:

  1. Wear well-ventilated shoes that allow your feet to breathe.
  2. If your feet get sweaty, change your socks twice a day.
  3. Wear waterproof sandals or shoes around public pools, showers and locker rooms.

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