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    Housecall: The health benefits of yoga

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Yoga: Fight stress, get fit and stay healthy
Yoga is a mind-body practice of physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation. In addition to the fitness benefits, this combination of physical and mental disciplines may help you achieve peacefulness of body and mind, and reduce your feelings of stress. Learn more about yoga and whether it might be right for you.

First-aid kits: Stock supplies that can save lives
A well-stocked first-aid kit can help you respond effectively to common injuries and emergencies. You can buy first-aid kits or assemble your own. You may want to tailor your kit based on your activities and needs. Do you have supplies on hand in case you or your family need them? Here's a helpful list of first-aid items to keep at home and on the road.

Are there tests to detect Alzheimer's disease early?
Early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is an important goal. Early intervention with medications might slow disease progression and provide an opportunity to plan for the future. New Alzheimer's tests might help with early detection of some aspects of the disease, and research is ongoing to develop additional tests and determine who might benefit from them. Learn more from Dr. Jonathan Graff-Radford, a Mayo Clinic neurologist.

Can acetyl-L-carnitine relieve MS fatigue?
Fatigue is common in people with MS, but the cause isn't well-understood. Can the dietary supplement acetyl-L-carnitine help? The research is mixed. Learn more from Dr. Jerry Swanson, a Mayo Clinic neurologist.

Asthma: Testing and diagnosis
Celiac disease
Thoughts of suicide? Learn where to find help

Granola with raisins, apples and cinnamon
Buckwheat pancakes
Overnight refrigerator oatmeal
Orange juice smoothie

Is healthy aging in your genes?
Sure, your genes affect your health. But your lifestyle and environment, and even chance, may matter more. For instance, what you eat, how much you exercise, how well you control your blood pressure and whether you smoke all play a role in whether you develop a heart condition. Stack the cards in your favor with healthy lifestyle choices.

Need practical advice on diet and exercise? Want creative solutions for stress and other lifestyle issues? Discover more healthy lifestyle topics at mayoclinic.org.

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