• By Dana Sparks

How to Save Your Sight – Treat Glaucoma – Live with Declining Vision

January 20, 2015

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#Glaucoma Twitterchat TODAY at #ABCDrBchat 1-2  p.m. ET 

@ArthurSitMD @NatEyeInstitute will join ABC’s Dr. Richard Besser

Glaucoma is a challenge for Baby Boomers, but how early in life can glaucoma appear? The answer may surprise you. Mayo Clinic expert Arthur Sit, M.D.is a nationally regarded ophthalmologist and researcher on glaucoma, and he'll join the chat along with experts from the NEI National Eye Health Education ProgramClick here to learn more about Dr. Sit’s research.

Read more about symptoms of glaucoma.

A great article. In addition to deliver and translate knowledge into practice, clinical informatics is also facilitating research and knowledge discovery through EMR data repositioning.


Nursing informatics- besides allowing more time for nursing bedside care is the fact that it improves hands-off communication ensuring safety and quality of care. As we move forward with the new EHR it will be encouraging to see the development and growth of the nursing informatics role here in FL.


With my past experience in the implementation of Epic, I look forward to work as an EMR Specialist some day.

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