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The link between HPV and throat cancer

There are more than 100 strains of HPV, and some types of the virus can cause cancer. HPV has been linked to the rising cases of throat cancer. It is the most common HPV-associated cancer in men, and the rate of infection continues to increase.

Peripheral artery system at risk of disease due to family history, lifestyle

The human body contains two distinct artery systems: the coronary artery system, which is closely associated with the heart, and the peripheral artery system, responsible for transporting oxygenated blood to the arms, legs, brain and other body parts. Just like coronary arteries, peripheral arteries are susceptible to disease. These arteries can narrow or become compromised, leading to reduced blood flow and potential health issues.

Understanding lucid episodes in dementia

A Mayo Clinic study investigated lucid episodes in people living with later stages of dementia, providing insights into how these occurrences reveal themselves. The study aimed to determine if there were distinct patterns or types of lucid episodes that could be used to understand why or when they happen.

What's the difference between kidney cysts and polycystic kidney disease?

National Kidney Month in March provides an excellent opportunity to explore the distinction between two kidney disorders: kidney cysts and polycystic kidney disease.

A promise delivered: A new heart for a new mom

Promise Garell faced a challenging journey due to a congenital heart defect. She was born with transposition of the great arteries, a condition that prevented her heart from efficiently supplying blood to her body. In 2022, while six months pregnant, she encountered complications, including congestive heart failure. Her son, Paxton, was born prematurely and spent two months in a neonatal ICU. In early September 2022, Promise sought care at Mayo Clinic in Florida, where she was added to the heart transplant waitlist. On Sept. 15, 2022, she received a new heart.