• By Jennifer O'Hara

In Case You Missed the Show: #MayoClinicRadio Podcast, March 19, 2016

March 21, 2016

Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler on Mayo Clinic Radio
Listen: Mayo Clinic Radio podcast 03-19-16

The amount of sleep adults need varies with age, but for most it's seven to eight hours per night. Many don't get that much, and that can have serious consequences. On Mayo Clinic Radio, sleep medicine specialist Dr. Timothy Morgenthaler explains why getting adequate sleep is so important for good health. Also, infectious disease specialist Dr. Stacey Rizza has an update on tuberculosis (TB). March 24 is World TB Day. And, pathologist Dr. Bobbi Pritt has the latest on a new bacterium that causes Lyme disease and how to protect against it.