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    In the Loop: 10 million steps on a new knee

In the Loop patient David Kniseley

Although it's been nearly three years since his knee replacement, David Knisely keeps in touch with his Mayo Clinic surgeon to report on where — and how far — that knee has taken him in retirement.

Looking over their retirement checklist, David and Sharron Knisely had all of their ducks in a row except one: David's left knee. "I'd hurt my knee back in the '70s and had had surgery done on it then," David says. "It had been an issue for a long time."

An issue because, although the surgery had repaired the tear, David's knee was never quite the same. "It had just become more and more of a problem," he tells us. "I could walk fine, but doing stairs or any kind of lateral movement had become increasingly difficult."

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This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.