This video captures some behind-the-scenes moments while NBC cameras were taping Mr. Brokaw interviewing his physicians, Dr. Morie Gertz and Dr. Andrew Majka. Read about Mr. Brokaw's visit to Mayo Clinic In the Loop.

Thursday, 5/7 at 10 p.m. EDT/9 p.m. CDT, Dateline NBC will air a special "Tom Brokaw, A Lucky Life Interrupted."  

NBC News offers this preview: "From the revelation that he had multiple myeloma in 2013, a treatable but incurable blood cancer, to his doctor visits and treatments, Brokaw chronicles his difficult, and ultimately rewarding, road to remission. Brokaw also details the serious setbacks and challenges he faced, taking viewers through his stages of regret, acceptance, hope, and above all, gratitude."