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    In the Loop: Delicate Nerve Procedure Helps Troy Get his Mobility Back

patient Troy Chroniger with Mayo Clinic Florida physician Peter Murray examining Troy's arm

This article first appeared In the Loop September 17, 2015

Troy Chroniger of Orlando, Florida, enjoyed a busy, if hectic, life as a construction estimator and dad to three daughters. To relax, Troy, age 43, enjoyed sports and an occasional motorcycle ride with friends. Life changed dramatically one Saturday in November 2011, when he was out for a ride, hit a rough patch of road, veered and collided with a guardrail. He was rushed to a hospital in Orlando, where doctors diagnosed him with a debilitating brachial plexus injury.

“It was one of the worst the doctor said he’d seen,” Troy recalls the physician saying. Of the five nerves that make up the brachial plexus in the shoulder, Troy suffered a complete nerve evulsion injury. His doctor referred him to Mayo Clinic, which performs hundreds of brachial plexus procedures annually. At Mayo, Troy visited Peter Murray, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery/Neurologic Surgery, who specializes in the delicate and complex procedures required for nerve injuries and the accompanying loss of function that can occur after an injury such as Troy's."   Click to read the rest of Troy's story.