• In the Loop: Don’t Let This Sleep Advice Find You Napping

a person sleeping or napping in a hammock tied between the trees

This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.

It's not often a nap-related article sneaks past us. We feel a little bad, however, that we didn't see a Lifehacker article on weekend napping until right after a long holiday weekend. Called "Classic Hacks: Try A Weekend Afternoon Nap To Catch Up On Sleep," the brief piece includes practical advice from Bernie Miller of the Sleep Disorders Center at Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus. We'd like to put his tips into practice as soon as we're able.

Miller suggests that "napping for up to 30 minutes between the hours of noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday will help you get that feeling of catching up without blowing your entire circadian rhythm." (We're setting aside the hours before noon to get the hammock out of storage. And googling "circadian rhythm.") The Lifehacker folks note that "there's always a temptation to sleep late on the weekends" to catch up. However, that can leave you feeling "more tired on Monday morning" by "mucking with your regular weekday sleep schedule." Read the rest of the story.

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