• In the Loop: Gone but never forgotten — keeping a child’s memory alive

Tom Canan looks across the baseball field and sees his son, Will, out in right field, smiling sweetly. He aches to toss a ball to his boy, to see him run and stretch out his glove to catch it. But it's been years — more than six heartbreaking years — since Tom and Will have played catch. Six years since Tom has been able to wrap his arm around his son's shoulders after a game. Six years since Will passed away, after bravely battling cancer for more than half of his short life.

What Tom sees across the baseball field now is Will's picture, his smiling face beaming down from the scoreboard erected in his honor at Miracle Field in northwest Rochester. The scoreboard is one of the ways Tom and his wife, Liz, are keeping Will's memory alive. "As hard as it is to lose a child, for the child to be forgotten makes it even worse," Tom tells us.

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This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.

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