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    In the Loop: Major impact in hard-of-hearing student’s success

Sharing Mayo Clinic patient Lisa Lem outside smiling in the sun
Before Lisa Yem began her clinical rotation in Central Services at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, staff were preparing to make sure her experience was a positive one. 

Stephani Wolfe stepped into a white jumpsuit, zipped up and slipped into the Central Services clean assembly area on Mayo Clinic's Arizona campus. Rumor has it she looked a bit like she was on her way to bust some ghosts.

In reality, she donned the duds to help bust something else: barriers.

Wolfe, an academic success advisor at Mayo Clinic, had ventured to Central Services as a first step in preparing to welcome a new student doing a clinical rotation through the Hospital Central Service program at GateWay Community College. Unlike the other students who recently completed rotations in the unit, this student — Lisa Yem — is hard of hearing. Wolfe's tour would help her learn the job requirements and specialized vocabulary of the area so she could help ensure Lisa's success. Read the rest of Lisa's story.
This story originally appeared on the In the Loop blog.