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    In the Loop: Movie to feature doctor’s story of American dream

Dr. Quinones in his scrubs in an operating room

We here at In the Loop love a story with a happy ending. (We have a hunch you do, too.) And it's hard to find a story with a happier ending than that of Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D. Dr. Q, as he's affectionately known to his patients at Mayo Clinic's Florida campus, is not only chair of the Department of Neurologic Surgery but also spearheading NIH-funded research to cure brain cancer. He recently told News4Jax that he believes he is "destined" to find a cure for the disease.

It would have been nearly impossible to predict any of that based on Dr. Q's humble beginnings. Born in a small village outside of Mexicali, Mexico, Dr. Q started working at just 5 years old to help with his family's expenses. When he finished school, he knew he wanted something more. And he believed the something he wanted — opportunity, hope for a better life — lay to the north. So when he was 19, he jumped a border fence and came to the United States. He spoke no English, had no documents, and had very little money in his pocket. Read the rest of the story.
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